Travel Expo Cyprus

25th International Tourism Exhibition



TRAVEL EXPO CYPRUS, formerly called “TAXIDI exhibition”, is organized every year by the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents and Display Art Group of Companies. The exhibition constitutes the ideal forum where the Cypriot traveller can obtain correct and comprehensive information on tourist destinations and travel packages from all over the world.

Tour operators, airlines, International Tourism Authorities and local organizations, district offices from Cyprus and Greece, Cyprus and international hotel chains, foreign countries and other travel and tourism related parties participate in the exhibition with their own pavilions.

TRAVEL EXPO CYPRUS has been established as a very useful annual event in which Cypriot travellers await with anticipation in order to explore their options not only for their summer holidays but also for their future trips. Participants provide visitors with information about available packages but also about specialized holiday trips abroad and equip them with printed material containing comprehensive information including the cost of the various options on offer.

TRAVEL EXPO CYPRUS serves a reciprocal purpose. It provides information to the travel public on available packages as well as assistance in exploring their options. At the same time, the participants use the exhibition to learn about the public’s wishes and record travel trends in order to revise their packages accordingly and meet new needs and preferences.


Travel Agents

Offering travel packages, tour groups and many other options to create your ideal holiday vacations


Experience authentic hospitality and home-like comfort on board


Special offers and promotions from Airlines


Exclusive offers on hotels from all over the world

International Participations

Foreign countries presenting their unique holiday experiences

Travel Equipment

Everything you need to make the journey a much more pleasant experience


Opening Dates and Times

19  April  2024

16:00 – 22:00

20  April  2024

16:00 – 22:00

21  April  2024

15:00 – 21:00

Entrance: €4.00

Children 12 and under: Free

Υφυπουργείο Τουρισμού

Πρόγραμμα παρουσίας στην Έκθεση


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